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Immigration - Work Permit in Turks & Caicos Islands


Work permits are easily obtained for foreigners. However, many jobs are designed for 'Belongers' only. Belongers are people that have Turks & Caicos Islands citizenship which is not easily obtained. Work permits are applied through agencies on the island and require proof of citizenship, proof of employment, proof of residence on the island, and are then ratified by passing an HIV test. This test is safely and cleanly performed at the local clinic for $10. After a work permit has been issued, your employer may ask you to apply for "National Insurance".

Few work permits are issued for specific jobs. Example, as of 2007 only five work permits on the island were held for photographers. Typical cost for this profession was around $2,500, renewable every six months. There are discounts (through agencies) for one year permits. A work permit for a clerk position is $500 for every six months, with the same discount structure.

It can take up to six months to actually have the work permit in hand, with enforcement being slack unless you are in direct competition with a Belonger.

Certain jobs on the island are deemed unfit for non-Belongers to apply for: banking, civil servants and boat operators are specific jobs that fall under this rule.


        • Completed application form signed by employer and applicant.
        • Local medical certificate obtained within six months.
        • Two passport sized photos.
        • Labour clearance.
        • Covering letter.
        • Copy of employer's passport showing photo page or in the case of a business, copy of business licence and payment receipt.
        • Proof of legal status or proof of departure.
        • Required deposit (separate from work permit fee).
        • Police record (police records are not accepted from Haiti and Dominican Republic).

Countries that require a visa to enter when submitting a first time application all of the above listed requirements are to be attached except:

        • medical certificate; and
        • employment visa.

Applicants from countries requiring a visa to enter Turks & Caicos Islands must first submit the permit application to the Immigration Board without a visa. Once the board has approved the application, a letter of intent will be issued to employer.

The employer will in turn have to submit to the Immigration Department a copy of the letter, along with the other visa requirements for an employment visa to be issued. A copy of the visa must be submitted to the board along with any other requirements the board may have asked for.

Once this process is completed the permit card will then be processed for issue.





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